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Buyer beware!This company is a total rip-off.

I ordered 2 TV series; one is barely watchable and the other is completely unwatchable -- lots of picture breaking up and poor transfer quality. Most episodes are taped from TV and some are edited, despite their claim that all are complete with no commercials. Also, the packaging is not what you see on their website; the packaging looks like a 3-year old put them together! The DVDs were shipped from China; I have no idea where the "real" company is.

Their unconditional 30-day money back guarantee is a joke; I have e-mailed them 4 times in the last month with no answer. I will complain about them to the U.S. Postal service (mail fraud) and my state's consumer fraud reporting agency.

It's a shame that no faster action can be taken against these rip-offs.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I'm sorry you were disapointed in your purchase but you should have know it wouldn't be great quality.If you wanted that you'd have to get the offical releases.

However, if your like me and the company who owns one of your favorite shows refuses to realease any more seasons then your only options is to forget it or try something like this.

Buying something like this and expecting perfection is an unreasonable expectation.If your going to get bootleg DVDs you have to prepare yourself for low quality.


This company is operated out of China. I ordered 1 TV serie from the company and when I received the DVD and notice that is send from China and right away I knew that it's a rip-off. I think they has few website with different name but the contents are the same.

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